SmartLipo: Because Bathing Suit Season Is Around the Corner…

As pool parties, beach days, and less clothing hallmark the summer, there’s one thing on everyone’s mind: How to get back into swimsuit shape and rectify the effects of Quarantine 15! SmartLipo is the answer and Dr. Lappert is the one who has it! Benefit not just from the latest technology, but the man who’s most experienced to get you sexy and slim when the heat is on! 

What Is Quarantine 15?

Echoing the “Freshman 15” phenomenon, the 15-pound weight gain commonly experienced by students in their first year of college, Quarantine 15 refers to the pounds many of us have gained during COVID-19, due to stress-eating, self-isolation, and gyms having been closed. With time being of the essence, if you have stubborn pockets of fat that you want gone when you’re in your swimsuit, you will find a solution with SmartLipo. 

What Is SmartLipo?

SmartLipo offers body contouring in a safe, minimally invasive way. It’s liposuction by laser, which is much less costly and risky and requires much less downtime than traditional liposuction. SmartLipo is not only much less invasive than surgical liposuction, but it’s also more effective: Traditional lipo removes large pockets of fat, but also leaves behind sagging skin which often requires more surgery. With SmartLipo, the laser doesn’t just reduce fat, but stimulates collagen, gradually tightening the treatment area for a smoother, more aesthetic appearance.* 

What Can I Expect With SmartLipo?

In our relaxing office, we’ll give you local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. We’ll then use a small laser instrument to treat your fat cells, turning them into a liquid that can be suctioned out with little to no trauma. We commonly treat the abs, waistline, saddlebags or hips, neck and jowl area, but can also treat other “trouble spots” like the arms, breasts, thighs, and knees. Our patients see shape improvement as well as a measurable reduction in their circumference. The procedure can also tighten your skin and reduce stretch marks.*

Get Swimsuit Ready with the Best SmartLipo in Madison, Alabama

Ready for your beach body? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lappert for SmartLipo. Not only will you benefit from the latest technology, but from a plastic surgeon’s body shaping experience. Dr. Lappert is the most experienced with the SmartLipo technology in the Madison, Huntsville, and the Tennessee Valley areas, and patients love him and the results. Schedule a consultation for SmartLipo today, and be swimsuit-ready ASAP! 

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