Improve Your Body With Laser Liposuction

Understand Laser Liposuction or SmartLipo

 Lappert Plastic Surgery was the first practice to introduce laser liposuction in the Tennessee Valley area. To this day, it is the most popular body shaping procedure we offer.

We can achieve significant improvements in body contour with minimally invasive techniques, allowing you to get results without having to take time off from work or other commitments. Our patients continue to express their great satisfaction over receiving SmartLipo, and they've been referring their friends to see Dr. Lappert for assistance.

Our patients see a shape improvement as well as a measurable reduction in their "tape," permitting career advancements in active-duty patients.

Liposuction has been available for more than 40 years, but it requires significant anesthesia and downtime to recover. Laser liposuction greatly reduces both the costs and risks and allows most patients to return to work within one or two days. This is a drastic reduction in the "hidden costs" of time away from work.

Laser liposuction uses a small laser instrument that destroys fat cells, turning them into a liquid that can be suctioned out with little to no trauma. That's why we can do amazing lipo procedures in the comfort of our own office under local anesthesia.

The other great benefit comes from the fact that the laser energy that destroys the fat cells also stimulates your body to make collagen in that treated area. As the collagen forms and remodels over the next several months, the skin gradually tightens. This is an effect that you don't see with conventional liposuctioning.

The most popular areas for treatment are the abdomen, waistline, saddlebags or hips, neck and jowl area, and arms.

Get started with achieving great results at a lower cost with little to no downtime by contacting Lappert Plastic Surgery today.
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